How It Works

• Create your personal MedChefs profile.
• Receive weekly personalized meal plans customized expressly for you, based on your taste preferences, lifestyle and health goals.
• Customize your meal plan by repeating meals or swapping menu items and receive instant feedback on how your choices affect your nutritional plan.
• Print your grocery list. Personalized grocery lists with the foods you want are readily available anytime, anywhere, including tips for healthy eating while dining out.
• You can even receive healthy convenience food options as needed.
• Cook, eat and enjoy your delicious, healthy food!

AHA 2020

This program implements the American Heart Association’s dietary guidelines for 2020, which are designed to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans. Medchefs translates the AHA’s guidelines into customizable meal planning to help you benefit from long-term healthy eating patterns that optimize your health and reduce your medical costs. read more...